Preparation Guide

Quality photographs figure prominently in a model’s portfolio and this guide is designed to help your child look and feel great in their photographs.

Head shots

A wonderful head shot is the most vital aspect of a modelling portfolio.

It needs to be as natural as possible with no curls (so five years ago), no makeup, no crazy clothes. Just you. The perfect, real you. Strong, captivating eyes in simple clothes with nice hair and great connection with the camera—that’s all you need!

It is normally printed 8 x 10 and focus on shoulders upward.

A full-length body shot should be cool and modern  in simple clothes. Something that will give the client a good idea of your shape.  Your pose should also have a little bit of attitude. Show your edge! Most kid’s campaigns these days want the ‘cool’ kids the confident ones, full of personality, fun and edgy. Show that you are all that

Like head shots, full-length body shots are typically 8″x10″

Body shots


We will be capturing 3 different natural looks during your session.

  • Lifestyle/Casual: upscale school or everyday wear

  • Athleisure: weekend wear that’s a mix of athletic pieces and jeans, shorts, Vans, etc.

  • Dressy: party wear with muted organic colors and clean lines (avoid frills, tulle, sparkles, pastels and unicorns)

  • Athletic: Only if the kid is athletic; clothing (with props) should be sport specific.

Put together 2-3 outfits for each of the styles then we’ll narrow it down to the one that works best. Keep the tags on all the outfits you buy so you can return what we don’t use.

Keep in mind these tips:

  • Layers look great especially when you blend textures.

  • Double denim never goes out of style!

  • Clothes should fit really well. Nothing oversize or too baggy!

  • Make sure your collection is modern and in style,


  • Skipping rope, hoop, rollerskates, balls etc

  • Balloons, drumsticks, teddy bears

  • Handbags and Scarves

  • Socks

  • Shoes to go with the outfits. New shoes are best but, at minimum, they should be almost new, very clean, washed and/or polished. Types of shoes to bring include sandals, flip flops, sneakers, boots  etc.

What you choose not to include in your modelling photos is just as important as what you choose to include. According to top modelling agencies that work with thousands of children applicants each year, here are the things to avoid:

  • Hats & sunglasses are a no-no

  • No graphic T-shirts, full neon clothing or logos of any kind.

  • Leave food at home

  • Hair worn down

  • No dress-ups

  • No face paint


You are truly gifted at your craft and we feel
blessed that Lily has been able to work with you!. 

-Kim and Lily Dal Broi




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  • NO make-up on kids, except a super light dusting of translucent facial powder to reduce shine

  • NO concealer or spot foundation to cover a blemish or light scratches. We manage that in post-production.

  • Bring a brush for light eyebrow grooming

  • Bring hair products

  • Bring hair accessories

  • Plan on a couple of different hairstylesif possible

Hair & Makeup