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extraordinary moments captured!

extraordinary moments captured!

with Belinda Strodder

Belinda is a leading dance photographer and most active throughout the dance community in Victoria and beyond. Her work is regularly published in magazines, online publications, exhibitions and promotional campaigns world wide. She is renown for her extraordinary work with dancers of all ages

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We are a child safe organisation and require you to create a free account.

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Our recent photo shoot with Belinda was an incredible experience for our 10 year old son. Belinda has an amazing eye and captures every moment so perfectly... 

-Kimberley McSweeney


Dance Photo Special

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create a family heirloom

After hours of dedication and hard work, driving to classes, rehearsals, blood sweat and tears every week  - you deserve a portrait that celebrates your achievements and is as unique as you are! The perfect gift and an inspiring experience like no other in Belinda's glamorous studio.  Belinda guides and coaches you to look and feel your best. You will also learn more about your technique, artistry and stagecraft through the exciting journey of being captured.

Belinda is one of Australia's leading dance photographers and the first choice for a wide range of performing arts organisations throughout Australia. With a wealth of knowledge, talent and skill - she renown for creating a fun and unique portfolio experience that inspires confidence and self esteem. With and eye for detail, care and enthusiasm, Belinda encourages dancers to explore their abilities, best attributes and strongest technique. 

Belinda's studio at Ministry of Dance attracts dance artists from around the world who come to work with her keen eye for technique, creative lighting and stunning imagery. 

Authentic - Powerful - Unique

Sessions with Belinda are a fun and rewarding experience. She eases the pressure of being photographed and helps you relax and be yourself in front of the camera. Throughout the entire process she will guide an assist you with tips and tricks that will boost your confidence and capture the very best of you.


When will I receive my order?
Digital Downloads are delivered much faster than photographic prints or files on disk. Your photographs will be hand edited and sent to you within 2 weeks of your order date. Postage delays can be frustrating and please understand that they are beyond our control.

Why can't I download photographs immediately from the photo cart?
Belinda specialises in high-end quality images that require hand editing and individual attention before delivery. So please expect delivery within 3 weeks.

My Digital Downloads link hasn't arrived...
Please check your spam/junk box for the email as it may have landed there. If not please email us and we will send your photographs again straight away.

How long do we have to order?
Please refer to the message in top left corner of the photocart for your expiry date.

Can I view photographs without creating an account?
No. We regard child protection very seriously and have a duty of care to protect the clients that we photograph.
By asking customers to create an account and pay the Access Deposit, we are also obtaining a database of our viewers and deterring those that have no direct link to our clients or customers.

I have forgotten my password...
Click on 'Forgot Password' next to the Log In fields, enter your email address and we will send you an email with the option to reset your password.



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