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extraordinary moments captured!

victoria's favourite dance photographer

Gone are the days of mundane photo shoots, static poses and boring photographs.
Right from the beginning Belinda decided to develop the art of dance school photography.
Her photo sessions are energetic and educational as she captures all of the personality, movement and fun.

She encourages dancers to extend their abilities to celebrate achievements and promote self esteem.


We've been blown away! Ive never seen photographs of my daughter like this!
-Julie Edmonds




studio photo day

Theres nothing quite like the excitement!

Belinda is renown for her energetic and unique approach as she encourages dancers to extend their abilities and celebrate their achievements. Belinda captures stunning moments of natural movement and personality while providing a fun, creative and educational event that builds confidence and self esteem.


The results speak for themselves! Explore more information below and book your studio photo day!

• Free for everyone!

• Awesome experience for all ages
• Free photographs to promote your studio
• A valuable and fun experience for your students

• Satin and Tuille skirts, scarves and props included.
• Fliers/notices and posters 
• Private customised webpage and online viewing

• Huge number of photographs to choose from.

• Packages start from only $30!

Dance School Photos
Dance Studio Photographer Melbourne



The quality of your photos is incredible.
They make our humble dance school look so professional...
-Alanna Partridge, Dance Desires



some great moments

Dance on Stage

on stage

capturing all the action

Live dance on stage is one of the most difficult and challenging environments to capture. Subjects are often in the dark, things move quickly and lighting changes are sudden. Having worked in the theatre her whole life, Belinda has the intuition and skill to capture a huge collection of special moments and emotions on stage. Dress rehearsals are the perfect option so she can move around the auditorium to ensure great shots of everyone on stage.
It can be difficult to imagine how thousands of amazing photographs can be captured in one performance.
Please get in touch and we will send you a link to view a full collection. You will be amazed!

Studio Photo day